Sex and Lust with Lisa!

Welcome to this joyful, irreverent, revealing and naughty ZOOM with author and CF Lisa Henriksson.

Very few people on the planet are willing to talk candidly about all aspects of sex, lust and bodies.
So much of what we are told on the topic of sex and lust are rough and heavy and many people have lost the connection to their bodies and their sexuality. And what the bleep is lust anyway?

In this Zoom, Lisa answers your questions on the topic of sex & lust and starts sharing tools and tips from Access Consciousness for you to have the fun and pleasure of life again – including your sex life.

And you can ask any question you like!

What if you could walk through life being a walking talking orgasm? Would you be willing?


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This is a FREE Zoom on Sex & Lust with Lisa!

Have you decided that sex & lust are two weird, dirty and bad words?

Have you separated from the joy that your body can be while being with ……other bodies?

Where is it that you refuse you? Make you smaller? Compare yourself and judge you as less?

Beyond the judgments, conclusions and reference points there is so much more: There is the JOY of being. The CARING that you can have for you and for the people around you. The EASE of carrying your body in the world. The KNOWING that you are a gift. (Yes – YOU! ☺)

Would you like to have more of it all? And most importantly: do you desire to CHANGE your situation and do not know where to start?

If yes, then you’re invited!

This is the very first step in the adventure of discovering more about us and our bodies! The Zoom will last about 30 minutes and will be recorded so that you can listen/watch it as many times as you desire in the future!

Do you require translation in your language? Please tell us which language is it so that we can organize it!

We would love to receive your questions on the topic! Where would you like to start?

You can send them to us before the 16th December to our email addresses and .

We are looking forward to starting this conversation with you!