Pragmatic Psychology

Welcome to Pragmatic Psychology!

What if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world? 

If you would go to a psychologist and tell them that your insanity is a gift to the world, they would probably nod, scratch their chin, adjust their glasses, do their best to look understanding and in their head you would sense the alarm going off: “Oh my god! This person is totally nuts! What diagnose will I give them?”

What if your craziness and everything this world calls insane, is a gift to the world not yet discovered? Would you be willing to get over the necessity to fit in, to be normal, average and the same and explore the true brilliance of you? The greatest brilliance is you being you! You are what the world requires!

Advanced Practitioners

What greatness do you invite people to? What do you know about facilitating? What if you knew that you can handle anything, how much would your life grow and your business expand?

Advanced Practitioners - Telecall

What greatness do you invite people to? What do you know about facilitating? What if you knew that you can handle anything, how much would your life grow and your business expand?

Pragmatic Psychology - Introduction

Welcome to the world of Pragmatic Psychology where we celebrate your difference and invite you to use your crazy as a resource to create your life! Growing up in this world we have learned to be dramatic, figuring out what problems we have and “why”. Time to be pragmatic instead? Pragmatic means doing what works! How much ease would you allow your life to be?

Pragmatic Psychology - 1 Day Class

Pragmatic Psychology is using the Access Consciousness tools in therapy, coaching, psychology, with mental illness and any form of "crazy" to access the capacities, abilities and knowing that are waiting to be discovered and that the world so requires. This planet loves when you choose to be you- all of you! You are cordially invited to join us for this 1-Day Class to discover how you being Different is a GIFT to the world!

Pragmatic Psychology - 2,5 Day Class

Welcome to these worldwide classes where you can access your difference and your crazy and find out how you can use everything you are to create your life. Whether you are a practitioner, a doctor, therapist, parent, teacher or a person who would like to know what gift you are to the world with the difference you are, this is the class to find out. 

Advanced Pragmatic Psychology

Lets take this a step further. Pragmatic taken to a whole new level! Would you allow your life to be so much ease that you inspire others as a result of it? Are you willing to have your difference be seen and noticed? Are you willing to be a leader that changes the world and invites others to the ease they do not yet think is possible and who goes whether anybody else goes or not? Time for your mind to no longer be in charge but you and all you be and know? Find out, how could you apply this pragmatic way of functioning to your life and your business? Time to be the pioneer who creates waves wherever you are?

Pragmatic Psychology Facilitator Training

Would you like to facilitate Pragmatic Psychology classes? Have you always desired to inspire people to discover the strongness that is hiding behind judgements and labels and wrongness? What if there is a different possibility for you to facilitate people to be the greatness they truly are? What do you know that brings greater possibilities to the world? Are you ready to be the catalyst of change for this planet you truly be? What do you bring to Pragmatic Psychology that being it expands your world and creates a world that is fun living in!

Pragmatic Living – the Beginning – Intro

Do you ever feel like you don't fit in or that you are even a bit crazy? What if that craziness is your unique ability to create way beyond the box of this reality? What if that is exactly what is required to create everything you desire?

At an intro class we look at what is not functioning for you by using the tools of Pragmatic Psychology to open up the possibilities you have available to change every part of your life you desire to with ease.

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