The No Judgment Diet

Judgments of any kind stop you from creating future.
~ Katherine McIntosh


~ Consciousness Includes Everything and Judges Nothing.  ~ Gary Douglas

What if your body was a source and catalyst for creating the future you know is possible?

If you had no judgments of you, your body, your life, your future, your money, your wealth, or your choices ever again, what would you create?

Welcome to a different possibility with embodiment. A place where joy and creation open you up to the reality you know is possible.

When you realize that judgments are not real and they do not contribute to consciousness at all, then you can be, do, and have anything and everything you desire. These classes are designed to get you to recognize the gift your body is in creating your life and living. It is here to co-create with you beyond what you can imagine. When you open up to the gift and brilliance of your body, anything is possible.

As Gary Douglas says: "All you have to do is choose."

Is now the time to stop judging you?

A Taste of No Judgment - 2 hour intro

The Taste of No Judgment is an evening inviting you to move beyond judgment and create a business, body, and life you love. Judgments cut off awareness. So you can’t have judgment and awareness at the same time. The No Judgment Diet is about waking up the bodies to a whole new future of possibilities.

Creating Beyond Judgment - A 3 Day Live Event

These three days are like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.  An adventure of pleasure, possibility, choice, creation, letting go, laughter, and so much more! This class will truly begin to unlock areas of your life and living so that you can actually begin to choose from a place you never thought possible.

Facilitating Bodies Beyond Judgment

A one day immersion designed to get you to discover everything you know about the body, energy, and changing the space between the molecules to be able to access universes of possibility. These deep dives will show you what you’ve always known about your body and every body around you that no one ever told you. It will allow you to discover the ways you play with energy.

No Judgment Party

What would the World be like if 10 million people got out of judgment with their bodies and every area of their lives?  Is that a world you’d like to live in?These free livestream Parties are about celebrating the magic of you.  Come and receive free facilitation and discover what living a life of No Judgment could create for you and your future!





The No Judgment Diet - A Course in Possibilities

The tools of Access Consciousness combined with The No Judgment Diet is a revolutionary way to not only change your body, but to connect with it in a way that expands your awareness beyond what you ever thought possible.  When you connect with your body and eliminate the judgments that keep you separate from you, you can change absolutely anything.

NJD4Life - A 6 Month Journey of Possibilities

What if there was a way to eradicate the challenges and close the gap between you and the business, body, relationship, money, and life of your dreams? What if your dream life was about getting rid of the core of what's in the way so that you could actually know that NOTHING stands in the way of you and the life you were meant to create! Are you ready to create your life and living beyond what you ever thought possible?

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