A Taste of No Judgment - 2 hour intro



Change is just ONE choice Away!

Are you ready for an EXPLOSION of POSSIBILITIES??!!


What would your life look like if you were creating your life beyond judgment? A Taste of No Judgment is an evening inviting you to move beyond judgment and create a business, body, and life you love. Judgments cut off awareness.  So you can’t have judgment and awareness at the same time.  The No Judgment Diet is about waking up the bodies to a whole new future of possibilities.

If you knew you had a million doorways of choice and possibility available to you, what would you choose?

Join this 2 hour free adventure as you explore dynamic tools to remove unconscious blocks, discover how to change any area of your life & living, and increase your energy, joy, and magic….and actually have fun doing it!

Is it time for more pleasure, possibilities….and a living of no judgment?

Change is just one choice away!

Discover the Joy & Magic that's available with your body and life! (Live & Livestream)

Would you like more JOY with Your Body?

What if I told you that having more joy meant your metabolism can increases, your digestion can improve, your stress can diminish?

Would you be interested in joy then?

What if there was a way to completely transform every part of your body and life by choosing different that what you've been taught?

Trying to lose weight? We have some tools to make it easy?

Want to make more money in your business? We have processes for that too?

What if there was a world of energy available to you & your body and you didn't have to suffer in the process or make it any harder than it has to be??

What if you were willing to stand out?

What if you were willing to be happy?

Come discover what's truly possible when you decide to have a little bit more possibilities with your body and life!!

Katherine McIntosh, Founder of The No Judgment Diet is an International Global Facilitator who has bee working with bodies for over 20 years, helping the body activate it's own abilities to get younger, regenerate diseased cells, lose weight, have more energy, get stronger, change shape.

Anything is possible when you understand that the body responds to the judgments you deliver more than it responds to the lifestyle you choose. Ever tried to lose weight by judging you?

Come discover a whole new way of being!!

For more information on this class and all future classes, go to:  https://no-judgement-diet.com/worldwide-live-events

$65 CAD if paid in advance
$80 CAD cash only at the door