Interesting Point of View - Extension!

Interesting Point of View - Extension!

What would it be like right now if you were living your entire life as an interesting point of view, instead of seeing what’s right or wrong about everything, including you, your past choices, present choices, future choices, your friends, your family, the holidays, your level of happiness, your job, your money flows, the world around you, your future, and the planet’s future, just to name a few...

Is it possible truly BEING Interesting Point Of View could be a missing element to unlock that which hasn’t been working into something that could?

If you’ve tried IPOV, but haven’t lived it, and you’d like to get the energetic “how,” this is a call for you.

Join Dr. Dain Heer for a special SECOND call on one of the most all-encompassing of the 10 Keys to Total Freedom: Live as though everything is an interesting point of view.


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Truly Living As Interesting Point of View - Call #1


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Ferbruary 12 - 12pm PST

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