Access Book Club & Exploration

The Access Consciousness® books are a phenomenal way to explore the tools and possibilities available - from body, money, relationships, business and more.

Take deep dive into the book topic with facilitation by a Certified Facilitator (CF) using the tools, questions and clearings of Access Consciousness. This is not your everyday book club!

*See the class notes section for more information about this event and the book being explored. Books can be purchased through the Access Shop.


The Lady - Being What Always Wins.

A lady is always an inspiration to others, just by knowing who he or she is.

Join Tiffani and I as we adventure into The Lady- Gary Douglas's latest book.

We will spend the first part of each call reading thorugh the book. The second half we will extrapolate the topics discussed and you are welcome to ask questions and if you choose, receive facilitation.

This call is open for men,women, ladies and gents!

"This book is about fully receiving and enjoying the beauty,power,fun and excitement of who you are" Gary Douglas.