Relationships & Money

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How many of you shut down when you put these two words together?

How many of you desire to keep them separate and think you should have them joined?

How many of you think there is a right way to do this?

Guess what? You have choice.

What if you could be in a relationship and give yourself the freedom to have choice with money within a relationship?

They don’t have a relationship, they have a connection, a communion and a creation of future but it’s not based on anything except right now. If you want the right now point of view you want to go to Brendon and Simone for the right now reality. ~ Gary Douglas

Facilitated by

Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt


Foundation or Joy of Business 101 or Getting Out of Debt Joyfully - year long course



Delivered via Zoom with Simone and Brendon

These calls will be delivered via Zoom and Simone will facilitate call 1, Brendon call 2 and both of them together for call 3.