Finding Your Way – A Being You Adventure

A new adventure into greatness with the Being You facilitators.

Are you being your greatness? Or are you still trying to find out what it is – and where it is hiding? Greatness looks different for everyone. 

Greatness is not something you copy from someone else, or something you do. Greatness is something you BE. Greatness is something you CREATE.

In this new 6-part online series, the Being You facilitators invite you to explore how you can find your greatness as a leader in your life, with your family and as a true creator in the world.

What can we together discover on this global adventure? What is your way into greatness? Is now the time to find out?




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Your facilitators of this series

PARTS 1 & 2: Heather Nichols | Laleh Hancock | Emily Russell | Hanna Valdevi | Lauren Marie | Kristen Tromble | Doris Shachenhofer | Corinna Stoeffl

PARTS 3 & 4: Shivam Saxena | Susanna Mittermaier | Lisa Henriksson | Samantha Lewis | Katarina Wallentin | Sarah Grandinetti | Donnielle Carter | Marja Zapusek

PARTS 5 & 6: Kalpana Raghuraman | Betsy McLoughlin | Curry Glassell | Smriti Goswami | Tanja Barth | Lisa Cooney | Laura Simmonds | Devarati Angela Sammon