I Hated Being Fat! - Telecall

I hated being fat! I just did! I rarely acted like myself. I didn't even look like the me I knew me to be. Who was I being! What was I choosing? Everything was a problem and a struggle. I was under the mass, density and weight of so many belief systems dedicated to the lies of powerlessness. I couldn't even stand being me let alone embodying me. So I chose something radical! I chose being me no matter what it took, no matter what I had to do, no matter what I would lose or gain, I just chose and chose and chose...ME! And it changed everything and took me down roads n choices and awarenesses I never would have seen if I stayed in hidden under the fat.

Would you like to choose you? Would you choose to know you? What are you hiding under? Your fat? Your Poverty? Your abuse? Your lack of orgasmic energy? Your dead relationship? Or obligations so unseen or unknown that you would rather keep it secret from you? 

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you ready to choose different? Is now the time to BE you?

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