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"Psychology used to be the study of knowing, and what happened is we went from the study of knowing to the study of behavior. Pragmatic Psychology is about using the study of knowing as a way of creating something that’s greater than what we can do by trying to control behavior" - Gary Douglas



Would you like to create a life where there is so much more ease that you know that you have to choose the ease you truly deserve? Have you ever had a moment in your life where you thought you were going crazy and where you lost yourself in other people´s worlds, to a degree where you had no idea what your world was or what you wanted your life to be like?

Have you ever tried to use your mind to get out of the insanity of this world, thinking that if you finally understand the craziness of this world, that you would be free at last? Has that ever worked? Is now the time to lose your mind and start functioning as the infinite being you truly be?

What if the things you call problems and issues are possibilities to change direction that you have not yet acknowledged? What if you are not having a problem, but an awareness? Are you willing to receive it? What greatness and superpowers are depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, psychosis, schizophrenia,…? What if mental illnesses are capacities that you have not yet discovered? And what if your insanity is the sanity that changes the world?

Welcome to these worldwide classes where you can access your difference and your crazy and find out how you can use everything you are to create your life. Whether you are a practitioner, a doctor, therapist, parent, teacher or a person who would like to know what gift you are to the world with the difference you are, this is the class to find out.

Pragmatic Psychology is founded by psychologist Susanna Mittermaier and facilitated worldwide by brilliant facilitators.

Join us for this telecall series!

Einfach SEX - 3 Teiliger Zoom Call

Einfach SEX!

Ja oft ist es nicht einfach. Wir machen dieses Thema oft sehr kompliziert und auch dramatisch. Zeit Klarheit zu haben mit Sex und vorallem Spass! 

Ist es dein Körper dir wert?

Wie wäre es wenn dein Körper ein Spielplatz wäre und dir Genuss bringen könnnte... würde das den Rest deines Lebens verändern?


3 Zoom Calls:

17. April 18.00h

18. April 19.00h

25. April 19.00h

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