Manipulation 101

A new video course you are all going to need. 

How many of you refuse to lie?
How many of you tell the truth?
How many of you lie to yourself all the time?

This video telecall with Gary Douglas will give you the tools to manipulate with greater ease and be aware of what people need to hear in order to make the choices they need to be able to make.

The whole idea of manipulation is not about getting everything you want by using people, but rather about seeing what actually works for different things – and being very aware of what people need to hear in order to be able to make the choices they need to make.

It’s a whole different universe.


3 calls (July 10, 11 & 16 at 1 pm PDT | Find your local time)


New Global Foundation from April 2018 or any The Foundation class taken after April 2018, 
Any Advanced Class with taken after April 2018


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Welcome to Gary's first ZOOM telecall, Manipulation 101!

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