The Holiday Survival Guide with Dr. Dain Heer

The Holiday Survival Guide with Dr. Dain Heer!

What if there is something beyond both the Bah-Humbug and the Jingle Bells?

What if that something is greater, more beautiful, easier and joyful than you could ever imagine? And what if you are that already? Under all that wrapping paper of this reality? 

Are you ready to stop suffering the holidays and start taking the lead on creating something different?


The Holiday Survival Guide (yes, new name!) on Dec 22 and 23 is Dain Heer’s gift to YOU! Enjoy!


#1. You have to sign up! We have a limited number of spots. (The first 450 that sign up will get a spot on the zoom (online video-call) with Dain Heer. Sign-ups after that are welcome to join the webcast!)

#2. Grab an eggnog, a gluh-wine or whatever you prefer and join Dain in changing this once and for all. We can do this!

Is this the year where you choose to thrive in the holidays... not just survive? You, being you, is LIGHT – a bright twinkling Christmas sparkle!



2 x 90-minute calls online (via Zoom)
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Full price: Dain's Gift to YOU!
This includes MP3 audio recordings of the calls. 

Call Details

Call #1: Dec. 22
Call #2: Dec. 23

*All calls at 12 pm PT

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