Gary Douglas founded the Conscious Horse Conscious Rider workshops to facilitate greater awareness and communion with horses, and really animals and people of all kinds!  Gary has been riding horses since he was four years old, and realised that being with horses contributed all kinds of things to people, if they were willing to receive it.
Horses are willing to contribute to us constantly and in a Conscious Horse Conscious Rider we are invited to listen to these magnificent beings and assist them and us to overcome barriers that are stopping us from a deeper connection. The tools presented are easy to learn, pragmatic and people that attended are amazed how effortless it is to apply them.

What is Covered in a Conscious Horse Conscious Rider Class?
Energetic process to run on horses to facilitate self-healing capacities (these processes can be used on other animals and people too)
Tools for communicating with horses and becoming aware of what a horse requires from you.
Tools for connecting with a horse as a rider to have a greater and more ease-filled ride.
Questions and processes for changing anything in your relationship with horses - whether it is a particular horse that you have a difficult relationship with, or whether it is horses in general that you would like to begin to create a deeper connection with.
You will receive a manual, as well as be in a free-form workshop environment where you can ask questions specifically relevant to you.

Everything I know, I learned from my horse.

Gary Douglas

Tools from Conscious Horse Conscious Rider