Wealth Creators Anonymous Intro

The Wealth Creators Anonymous Intro class is designed to invite you to ask questions and start exploring the ways you function with and around money, wealth, and riches. You will receive pragmatic tools that you can immediately implement in your life and begin to create the change you are looking for.

Foundational Wealth Creator Anonymous Facilitators (FWCAF)

The 2-day Foundational Wealth Creator Anonymous class invites you to explore your present relationship with money - any thoughts, feelings, emotions, limitations and roadblocks you may currently have and offers pragmatic tools, techniques and resources to open up your receiving and to creating more money, wealth, and riches.

In addition to the facilitation of your personal financial issues in class, you will have a manual filled with questions, tools, and home play to inspire you to continue creating your financial progress.

Advanced Wealth Creators Anonymous Facilitators Training - 3 Days

The Advanced Wealth Creators Anonymous Facilitators Training class in 2019 will provide you the tools you need to begin the journey of facilitating others to choose more money, wealth, and riches. The training includes a hands-on experience on what it is like to have wealth and riches in your life.

Pre-requisities for Right Riches Foundational Facilitators:   

1. One (1) - Right Riches Foundational Intro

2. One (1) - Right Riches Foundational Fundamentals of Wealth (RRFFW) in person with Curry Glassell

3. Attend one Right Riches For You Specialty class - a 2 day or more class via zoom or live with a Right Riches For You Advanced Facilitator

4. Attend the Right Riches Foundational Facilitator Training in person

5. Purchase the Phenomenance of Money Telecall