Have you tried everything under the sun to change your money situation?

What if there is a different way…an odd way to change your financial reality?

What if you are one point of view away from a new life with money?

  • Do you know that you should have more in life?

  • Do you know that you are here to create something that will change the world?

  • Is it easier to change the world with money or without money?

  • Are you ready to affect the world instead of living at the effect of this reality?

  • What if money could work for you instead of you working yourself to death for money?

  • What if you didn’t have to learn to be anything more than you are to have more money?  

  • What if we just had to peel away all the layers that don’t allow you to show up as the brilliance and greatness with wealth and riches that you truly are?


Wealth Creators Anonymous workshops are offered by facilitators around the world, all of whom have been trained by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer.

These tools are NOT just for people who don’t have a financial reality they desire. These tools are for everyone who desires more out of life…more luxury…. more elegance…more decadence…more ease and joy with MONEY.

Find out how joyful having money can be! Find you in the process!

Ready for a new world of possibilities with money?