Jake Savich

Jake Savich

Jake Savich

My name is Jake Savich & I'm so glad your reading this. Your a gift to this world. What contribution can I be to you. I live in a space of total choice, possibilities & contribution. I invite you to the party. Would you like to join me?

For the past 14 years I've been a guitarist & played in the band Deep Cast which has contributed to me getting here. I have now combined Access Consciousness with my guitar playing & I invite you to my new series:
"The guitar of consciousness tour"!

What is Access Consciousness?

It empowers you to know that you know, with tools, Clearings & questions. Which would change your life if you are willing to see, what else is possible?

The Bars:

I'm a fully licensed Bars Facilitator with Access Consciousness.
It is the first "hands-on" body process of Access Consciousness. I fully recommend you booking a treatment to unlock your potency, you are so truly capable of! Join the party of consciousness & step into being phenomenal.

A little bit more on me:

After high school I became a motor mechanic & joined my band Deep Cast shortly after. I always sensed there was so much more to my life & the people around me, it took a long time to find Access
consciousness for me, though when I did it has contributed to my life phenomenally in ways I couldn't even imagine. I wake up each morning, living life with ease & joy & glory. All the thoughts, feelings & emotions just wash away with simple Access tools & processes, that I use daily. So why wouldn't you choose this too?

I would be grateful to invite you to something greater for you to be in the world 🌎 !

Any questions your welcome to ask me, have a joyful day!

Book in treatments call me on 0402 635 287 

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory!

🌟What contribution can I be to you with🌟 total Ease & Joy & Glory? 


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“What energy, space & consciousness can I be to make everyone create money for me with total ease?”