Alen Kasumovic

Alen Kasumovic

Alen Kasumovic

Hi there!

Welcome to my profile!


I'm Alen, born in Croatia. Also born with arthrogryposis and therefore I'm using a wheelchair.

I met Access in 2012, when I received Access BARS session for the very first time! My mother asked me do I want to come and see what that is, and asked me to join on a BARS swap and receive the session.

I was always intersted in new things and energy work - BUT it was more in theory than practice...

WHY? - you ask... Well, it was too much work!!!

I knew people who did a lot of stuff and different work and yet the change was miniscule. It was like squeezing a fruit to get some juice and in the same time you being REALLY thirsty!!! You would squeeze two oranges and get a half of the glass... Crazy! Also, they would “only feel better”... Why only - well, their lives would be the same and the most important, their VIEW of life would be the same.

I knew that something else, something faster has to exist!


The day I went to that BARS swap I was surprised - THIS was and is the thing I was looking for!!!

After just one session I saw the change on faces of people being there... WOW!

People would meditate and do crazy stuff for more than 30 years for just one third of that - AMAIZING!

I said to my self: “I HAVE TO KNOW MORE!”


I received my session on that day...


Before Access came into my life with that session, my life was like in a bubble - pretty small bubble though. Nevertheless, happy most of the time - (in a bubble).

After the session, my world opened! And since then, it is only expanding, more and more! It is strange now to even remember, or try to, what was like my life before this.



Well, I guess that it is the same for everybody whos seeking for something and after they find it their life starts again - or finally starts. :)


In the same time, when I met Access, I was a student at the Fine Arts Academy in Zagreb, Croatia. I graduated in February 2018 at the New Media Department. My BA I got in Painting.

You can see some of my works here on Instagram : 



Today, I am Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, an artist, enjoying my life and travelling the world. 

I had exhibitions in many places in the world, such as: New York, Basel (Switzerland), Klosteneuburg (Austria) etc.

One of my work was even purchased and now is the part of the private collection in Austria! How cool is that?

Facilitation / SKYPE / ZOOM Sessions - 280,00 Euros, 30 minutes

BARS Session - 100,00 Euros

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“You can only admire what you are and can be”

- Gary Douglas