Lady Sunshine

Alison Heart

Access Certified Facilitator -All areas of Life Facilitation & Ease

Alison has been using Access Consciousness for the last 8 years of her life & in her Healing Empowerment Business.


Alison has attended many classes including:


Access Bars Therapy 


Abuse Hold 


SOP Sessions ( Symphony of Possiblities )


Talk to the Entities /Demon Clearings /


House /Family /Animals Sessions 


Animal whispering & body healing 


Body Process’s / Advanced Body Process’s


X-men Abilities & Facilitation (OCD, Autism , ADHD , Bi-polar)


Energetic Facelifts - anti-aging naturally 


Body Whispering , Body Work.

Bodygasmic Body Healing Sessions

SOP ESB Massage 

Facilitators 2017

Wizards Arise 7 Day

Alison has facilitated thousands of people all around the world through private sessions & classes.

First as a psychic/ Medium & Conscious Cousellor . Also as a Quantum Bio Energetic Practitioner , then intergrating the brilliant tools of Access Consciousness into that side of her work.

Alison has been able to empower others to transcend & change difficult situations , past lives , in areas of all kinds of things.

She has also worked closely with sex workers , sexual abuse , sexual healing , sexual & gender Facilitation having her own identity struggles as a man in a woman’s body. She has a more uplifting perpesctive pn this now. 

Mostly her abilities with telepathy allow her to see , hear & sense what you might never be able to get to with other kinds of sessions .

Transformation Sessions can include one or all of the above combined uniquely for what your consciousness is asking.

Alison has no limitations where she can go past present & future allowing us to get you clear & free in any part of your life limiting you .

Alison has over come severe sexual abuse , self abuse , drugs , eating & mental dis-orders .

Alison lives with joy & more ease in her life sharing with her gifts talents & abilities how to create Magic & miracles in all areas with all parts of creation.

After surviving nearly 10 near deaths all up in her infant life & teenage life Alison has an incredible life experience as well as using her favourite Access Tools to assist you in Living a fun more magical life .


Alison has helped change thousands of people’s lives facilitating through 1 or 1 sessions & classes.


Is available World Wide via FaceTime /messenger .


Currently resides in Sydney , Byron Bay , Eastcoast Australia.


From mental , physical & mental health Alison can help you transform everything into a light point of view & Ease with the energy of your creations.

A potency with entities demons & the mostly unseen energetic entities from past lives can also be a huge contribution to a totally different life & living .

“All of life comes to me with ease joy & glory “

Who the fuck does all this belong too ?



Alison has assisted thousands of people for over 10 years as a Channel for Consciousness.


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