Andrea Goettman

Andrea Goettman

Hi, I am Andrea, here to invite you to launch the YOU that is ready to BE, if you can make way for the possibilities that await you. Since I can remember, I have been able to feel other's feelings and most of the time I would take it from them (because I could not stand to see people suffer!!) and hold on to it without a way to release it. I wore it as a badge of honor... if they were feeling better, well then my suffering was worth it. Thing is, what is possible to do with that energy instead? Access Consciousness® has taught me the tools I needed to move through that and funny thing is, the tools help me with EVERYTHING. I am no expert; I claim only to perceive what a huge benefit these tools can be for all of the universe.

The first step toward that launch? The Bars® help you clear everything that gets in your own way;  The Bars® is the first process in Access Consciousness® and can be the most intense form of relaxation that anyone can receive. There are 32 points on the head that can release the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that you’ve ever had about anything. Gently touching these points allows you to release anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. It can reduce mind chatter, allow you to sleep better, and create a sense of space, peace and ease. At the worst it can feel like a great massage and at the best it could change your life. 

For me, my first Bars® session was offered by a dear friend when I did not have  "problem" but did not feel like ME. I felt off and so far away from myself. After, I had such a sense of clarity and calm. I went back to my day to day life with so much more peace. And, for a mother of 4 with a husband and full time job, life can be hectic if I let it. So, this gift I was given and the tools I have learned since are something I would love to share with just about anyone I can. I became a Practitioner after my first class and am able to run others' Bars® and now TEACH this wonderful technique in a one day class so others can share.

Would you like more peace and calm in your life just by laying and receiving The Bars®? Or, would you rather learn to run the Bars® and gift to others? I would love to support you on your journey of launching YOU!!!

And beyond the Bars® are anumber of body processes that I am certified to practice - contact me if you'd like some body work!

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