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Anicha Vos

You are so welcome!
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All life comes to us with Ease, Joy, Grace & Glory!

Personally I have seen and experienced amazing shifts and healing the emotional, mental and physical body with Access Consciousness!
I recovered from a central Hernia during a 3 day Body Class, after 2 years intensity and almost not being able to walk and dance. 
That was a huge offer being a bellydance facilitator and performer for 19 years as well as a Raja Yoga facilitator for 10 years.
It turnes out to be a huge blessing to be recovered within 2 months of doing Access (the doctors consider this impossible) That was after asking where the informatieontsluiting was to heel myself of trauma and all the components that made the physical aspect happen.

Facilitating (making it easy to access the tools) classes and giving Access Consciousness treatments since 2015 with ease, joy and glory! 

Thank you for the amazing being that you are!

Worldwide Certified Facilitator Anicha Vos

(NL: alle classes van balancedhearts die door Anicha gegeven worden zijn KTNO geregistreerd HBO+ voor accreditatie therapeuten)

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