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Yay! You are here!  How does it get any better than this?

What if a relaxing process existed that could create more ease, had the ability to remove the stress of the day and provide authentic connection?  Access Bars does all of this and so much more!  It's a phenomenal process to add to your personal, family or workplace toolkit.  

It's a pleasure seeing clients and students choose more happiness and ease in their lives.  Imagine the impact on the health of our world, if we no longer functioned from drama and trauma but instead chose to live from a place of Joy, Ease and Possibility?  This is my little dream 😉❤️

If you are interested in finding out more or wish to book a class or workshop, I warmly invite you to contact me as I dont always post classes here.  Be sure to ask me about my other healing modalities.  

What if you being you is your greatest gift?! And what if, by just receiving this gorgeous gift of everything you be, you allow unlimited joy and possibility to show up in your life, with oh, so much ease?!



I always tend to be a bit skeptical of new things, and Access Bars was something very new to me! I went into it holding my breath, waiting to see...would I actually be able to feel some results after doing a session with Anne? I could not believe how pleasantly shocked I was when after the first session I felt remarkably different!! The thing that amazed me the most is the amount of energy I felt in my body while at the same time the amount of calm I felt in my mind! I noticed myself easily rejecting negative self-talk that would have normally caused me to feel stressed and I felt a level of presence that normally would have exhausted me (being a natural introvert) but now felt effortless! Having Anne come to my home to do the sessions for me was also a wonderful part of the experience - she is so considerate and thoughtful and made me feel completely comfortable! If you are considering doing Access Bars I would highly recommend it!



Access Bars with Anne is like nothing I have ever experienced.  I don't know how it works but I know that there are a lot of energetic shifts happening.  It takes you to a place of deep stillness, relaxation and connection and I always leave feeling invigorated and at peace.  I highly recommend Bars with Anne for anyone needing stillness and to reconnect to themselves and others so that their mind and body can begin to heal.

MH (a different MH)


I had never heard of Access Bars befoe, but after hearing Anne's personal story, I felt compelled to try it.  It was very relaxing experience.  Anne made me feel very comfortable.  Following the session I felt a sense of calme, a very noticeable absence of the "chatter" in my mind and was sleeping better.  I can't wait to have the opportunity to do more sessions and expand on my Access Bars experience.




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Sting helps us sing about "How does it get any better than that?"

“All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory 😍”

- Access Consciousness