Anuradda Sen

Anuradha Sen

Anuradda Sen

Have you always known there's more possible but couldn't quite find it yet? Access Consciousness, Access Bars and the new Foundation are possibly just the thing for you! If you have been looking for the light at the end of a deep dark tunnel; or just a brighter, greater future of possibilities: Access Consciousness is a pragmatic system of tools that could open up unfathomable avenues that never seemed available before, if you dare to choose. Do you? Yes? Let's play!

I am so grateful for you popping onto my profile page today!

How did we get so lucky?

Imagine for a moment what it would be like, what the energy of it would feel like: to be and live as a space beyond problems and sickness?

What would be possible for you and your life and how much would this contribute to the world?

What would the peace of true embodiment be for you?

What if the world is just waiting for you to be truly you?

My name is Anuradda [pronounced: anew-raa-dar].

My life, so far, has been quite a calm and thrilling rollercoaster ride. There have been two distinct yet interdependent aspects to my life: energetic/ esoteric explorations combined rather asymetrically with a dynamic breadth of formal education as well. After being trained for over 15 years in Pranic Healing whilst studying conceptual design, humanities, strategic studies and International peace studies in over five different countries, I knew a greater world and more joy was possible and available for me and those around me. These international explorations and having lived in five countries for these 15 years have been an immense gift in seeing what makes cultures, peoples, nations uniquely rich and also limited in some instances. Finding Access consciousness tools and the clearing statement combined with the caring support of all the facilitators and practicioners have been such a refreshing gift in my world: it not only brings more joy for me, it brings me the platform I was looking for all my life. 

What are you seeking to change that is a blindspot from where you are standing? Would a different perspetive be a contribution?

Choosing Access Consciousness for me has amplified and actualised these possibilities and brought so much more as a true state within my life and living.

Wonder what contribution we can be for you?

Since I found the tools and processes of Access, I have chosen many multifaceted changes, with ease! and these changes have shown up as amazing creations bringing so much consciousness, many projects, and diverse revenue streams so much more than I ever dream as possible here.

So much more is available if we dare to choose. What would you like to choose for you, my friend?

Is now the time for us to choose what's really true for us?

[Hint: It's unique for each one of us. What could it be for you, my dear?]

I invite you to attend a foundation, a teleclass, a session or just drop me a line to say hi and find out what gift I can be for you?

Looking forward to a greater future of happy exuberant possibilities!

How did we get so lucky and how does it get even greater than this?

Are you ready? Come, lets explore...

P.S: Nothing is taboo. Nothing is out of bounds, nothing is wrong and everything is a possibility waiting to bloom into a greater future for you!


P.P.S: Never forget, my dear sweet magical friend, you are never wrong and you are only one choice away from creating the life you truly desire!

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