Aradhana Tewari

Aradhana Tewari

For 20 years of my life, as an Indian woman my life choices were from the space of making everyone around me happy, only to pile myself with more judgments and expectations! I believed I was dumb and created un-intelligence as the best suit to walk around in the world. Nonetheless, people, money, luxury always got drawn towards me as a reflection of my laughter!  And so I also knew, I was different.

As a child I was exposed to the teachings of Guru Nanak (Founder of Sikhism), to which I am extremely grateful! There was always some separation in the reality and those teachings, I wasn’t able to implement it in my life as a whole, as though there was some spelling mistake. My further incessant search created space for Access Bars and pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness in my life, which broke the glass ceiling for me! The shades that Access offered me got all the jumbled pieces together. I knew I found something that speaks to me. Something which believes in a world of creation, possibilities and kindness like I do. Guess what I found out- I wasn’t dumb all this while, rather I was intelligent enough to know that I am beyond my brain! The coin flipped and I started to see my wrongness as my strongness!

How does it get better than that?

I am Aradhana Tewari, a life and communication coach, certified Access Consciousness Facilitator. Access Consciousness brought out the walking talking magician in me, that I have been all throughout my life. I look for more in every aspect of my life and vibrate with people who have similar thirst for exuberance.

Are you living from the enthusiasm for life and living that you as a child knew were possible or are you discounting your joy and happiness each day in the process of understanding this reality?

Are you tired of pretending to live a ‘NORMAL MEDIOCRE LIFE’ and looking for a sudden leap into the ‘JOY OF LIVING’?

Beautiful being, here’s an invitation for you to arrive HOME!

If you were to know right in this moment that there is nothing wrong with you!

If you were to know you are not the clouds that are directionless, and instead you are the SKY which is infinite and contributive for the reason that it exists!

If you were to know that each molecule in this Universe is willing to contribute to all your desires related to money, sex, relationships, health etc. and all you got to do is ASK!

If you were to know that the change you have been looking for, is all about showing up as who YOU truly are!

If you were to know that you have a unique voice in the world, which only if you tap into will open zillion doors of possibilities!

Would that make your life more abundant, rich and creative than you ever imagined?

I founded a community- ‘Be The Change’ of wonderful people who are the leaders of their own lives. Join us and bring in your weirdness for the magic to explode. You can find us on:




Also come explore the specialty classes of Access Consciousness with me, like- Access Foundation, Right Voice For You, Being You, Talk To The Entities etc. from anywhere in the world. I would love to share the tools that empowered me to perceive this reality with total space of amusement! Reach me at

All it takes to sift through the crap is a CHOICE! Are you willing to give up the insanity and BE THE CHANGE YOU TRULY BE?



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