Brandi Nelson

Brandi Nelson

Brandi Nelson

WOW! Welcome! I wonder what contribution we can be to one another and to Consciousness now?

I've been working with people in the area of personal development and spiritual growth for over 20 years. Finding the tools of Access Consciousness has been a total game changer for me!

When I experienced how fast these tools were transforming my life and the lives of everyone using them, I knew this was the Magick I had always known possible, but had not been able to access.

One of the greatest things about Access Consciousness, aside from the fact that it's constantly evolving, is that anyone can use these tools.

You don't have to be a "healer", or a "therapist", or a "this" or "that". These tools are so pragmatic and can be used by anyone to change any limitation in your life.

If you are ready to choose something greater than what you've had access too these tools are for YOU!

I love empowering people to know what they know, and these tools support exactly that. If you are ready to access more of YOU and more ease, joy and glory as your life and living, LET'S PLAY!!!

I am an....

  • Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator
  • Being You Certified Facilitator
  • Talk to the Entities Certified Facilitator
  • XMen Certified Facilitator
  • Certified Bars Facilitator & Practioner
  • Certified Body Process Facilitator
  • Youth Ambassador 
  • Symphony of Possibilities Practitioner
  • ESSE Practitioner

So as you can see there are so many magickal ways we could play together. Visit my website to explore what is possible and I hope to see you in a class or private session soon. 

In Kindness, Caring & Gratitude



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“What energy, space, consciousness, choice, Magick, mystery, miracles and possibilities can my body and I be to facilitate the expansion and growth of consciousness, spirit consciousness and oneness with total ease?”

- Brandi Nelson