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Caroline MAC VEIGH

Caroline MAC VEIGH

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Praticienne en techniques énergetiques (mon parcours a commencé en 2005 avec le reiki), je suis également naturopathe et réflexologue (réflexologie globale).

J'ai découvert Access Bars en 2014, et depuis je me forme régulièrement aux différentes techniques et outils d'Access Consciousness.

J'adore ces outils car ils nous permettent de retrouver la Joie et d'accéder à plus de conscience pour retrouver qui l'on est vraiment.

Je vous propose des séances d'access bars soit à Lille, soit à Marquette-Lez-Lille, et également des séances ESSE, des processus corps.

Je facilite les classes bars dans toute la France et en Belgique et où le vent me ménera ;)

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“La joie profonde du cœur est une boussole qui nous indique le chemin de la vie.”

- Mère Térésa


My Classes

Access Bars Class

The Access Bars are the very core and foundation of Access Consciousness. It can be the starting point of a great adventure and it can be something you add to your life that will assist you in creating a greater ease with everything. The Bars are 32 bars of energy that run through and around your head that connect to different aspects of your life. Touch one Bar and you begin to clear away the energy locked up in that area or aspect of your life just by touching it.

Intro to Access Bars

This class is about having the possibilities you always wanted to show up, and when something doesn’t work, having the tools to change it, right then and there. Your facilitator will go over some of the basic tools of Access Consciousness and introduce you to Access Bars, a dynamic and easy-to-learn body process.

Global Access Bars Day

On January 7, tens of thousands of people in over 100 countries around the world will get together to run bars and celebrate Global Access Bars Day! You can watch our streamed content online or join a group of people near you (a POP) and experience Access Bars and the day together! There is a free 18hr broadcast of this event.