Clementine Mitchell

Clementine Mitchell


What would life be like if everyone knew the immeasurable ease, aliveness, vivacity, and fun accessible through the phenomenal gifts of Access Consciousness? The heaping heaviness this reality serves up was never going to be enough for me - how about you?? Learning to live in question and possibility is inexplicably magical and truly who we really be!

What do you find compelling? For me, it's the miracle of what's possible for the planet and each of us here... beyond words or definition. It's never again riding through life with one foot on the brake and stopping for nothing. It's knowing that unimaginable miraculousness will keep revealing itself as we each continue to ask and receive. Is there anything more compelling than discovering who you truly are and the magic your life gets to be?!

Whether you've just begun to dip your toe into the possibilities of consciousness, or you've been practicing Access (or other) tools for a long time, please feel the virtual cheer I'm sending your way! No matter how many times I personally fall off the wagon of awareness, each time I choose to release the illusions of limitations, it's like coming home to what I've always known. What do you know? Is it time to share it with the world??


I wonder how our paths might cross? I look forward to finding out!

From as early as I can remember, I knew this world didn't make sense for me - sound familiar? While I learned to get good at playing the parts, to act however the situation seemed to require, somewhere within me I was raging against...well, virtually everything.

I spent 25 years actively seeking, traveling, learning, and getting certified in any technique or modality I thought may give me more insight and ways to change my life. It wasn't until a friend and I were chatting one day, asking questions and exchanging energy, that I noticed she was waaaay faster at changing than me! All my tools were labor intensive, and–more relevantly–they were founded on points of view about what it takes to change. She wasn't doing any of that. She just noticed something wasn't working and changed it, instantly. She introduced me to her tools, and so my intrigue and love affair with Access Consciousness began!

Despite my years of working for it, I'm impatient. I wanted fast and effective. Are you looking for what you knew was always possible but could never somehow find? Does fast and effective work for you? Access tools are life-changing if you're willing to choose them and use them. It would be my pleasure to introduce you!

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