Cynthia Makris

Cynthia Makris

Cynthia Makris

Do you sometimes feel squelched and constricted by all of the roles you play to fit into other people’s realities? Would you like to shake all of that off so that you can finally discover what moves you, what sets you on fire?  You are so magnificent and glorious, and it is time to uncover that magnificence and glory. The good news is that there are tools to help do this a lot faster than you may imagine.

I have been on the path of searching for more, for a connection to all that is, for so very long.  Along with practicing meditation and many energy healing modalities, I was fortunate enough to sing on stage and to be able to slip into ever-changing personas, thereby unleashing hidden facets of myself. I was truly more alive on stage than off, and I definitely had more fun there.

In 2013, I was introduced to a set of tools designed to help us let go of all that is hiding who we really are so that our true essence can come out and play and shine. These tools are from Access Consciousness, a treasure chest of effective processes which often seem like play and often are just relaxing. I invite you to come and find out how quickly they can work for you and how much more freedom and joy you can experience in your life.

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TEDx Talk given before I learned about Access. Interesting that I seemed to be predisposed to Access Consciousness all along.

“Why be bits of copies of others when you can be all of you?”

- Cynthia Makris