Seven Glory Sunrise

Deanna Nechitilo

Hi! I'm Seven Glory Sunrise, Access Consciousness CFMW! I'm really into the idea that life should be fun, free, happy and empowered. It's our natural state of being! I have dedicated my life to the expansion of consciousness, and to sharing the gifts of consciousness with anyone and everyone who's willing to receive them. My favorite thing on Earth is to destroy and uncreate the limiting beliefs and constricted reality tunnels that keep people small, helpless and suffering. I am super happy, and I would love for you to be super happy too! What can I contribute to your journey?

I've been a seeker since I walked into this body in 2011. I've learned and practiced (and continue to learn and practice) a variety of spiritual and energetic modalities, including shamanic work, crystal healing, Tarot reading, reiki and astrology. But nothing I've done has contributed more to changing my life, or to my ability to change clients' lives, than Access Consciousness.

Access might just be the greatest thing I've ever chosen. I took my first Bars class in May of 2021, and from that moment I was absolutely hooked. I read everything I could get my hands on, ran clearing statements on myself constantly, and took classes as quickly as I could manage. With every step of the journey, I've gained more tools, more clarity, more freedom, more spaciousness - and more of ME. And that has allowed me to help and contribute to others in a way that I never had the capacity to do before.

Every morning I ask, "Who am I today, and what grand and glorious adventures will I have?" The way that life shows up has been phenomenal. Breaking out of the little boxes of this reality, and helping others become aware of what else is possible for them, has been so inspiring. Consciousness is the greatest show on earth. 10/10 highly recommended!

What would it take for you to have more freedom, happiness and possibility than you've ever dreamed possible?

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