Dee Hughes

Dee Hughes

Dee Hughes

Thank you for reading finding me!  How did I get so lucky to be able to co-create with you!  I love to learn, and Access Consciousness® sure does offer the opportunity to learn.. and play.. then learn more.. then play more.. it's a never ending wheel of fortune :)

To offer a bit about me, I'll do my best to offer you a condensed story.

In Fall 2012, I attended my first Access Bars® class.  I had already decided (came to a conclusion) that I didn't want to take any more classes for a bit, and just practice and experiment with what I've learned so far.  Yet when I overheard someone talk about this class, at a wire-wrapping workshop I was at, I knew I was hooked.  By the next year, I had completed 3 Access Bars® class, and was on my way to learning 'What else is possible!" :)

Join me in a class, or a session, and no doubt, we will both walk away with more awareness, and more choices.


Stay blessed!



To add a bit more to my bio, after taking the first Access Class in 2012, I didn't quite understand what I head learned.  I have a Reiki and Crystal background, and I was comparing the experience, and at the time, there wasn't much to compare.  However, to be fair to Access Bars, I decided to take it again, especially since my mom was sick during the timeframe I took the first class.  The price was right for a repeat.. half price!  After the 2nd class, I ended up talking to Sharon Lewis, as I still didn't quite know what I was suppose to feel.  She was supportive and offered me a different way to look at my experience.  Sharon said this process isn't like Reiki, and asked me if I was willing to give it 3 weeks, to see if I notice any difference.  She asked me to remove all my expectation, all my judgements, all my conclusions, and give it time.  So during this time, I decided to offer Access Bars sessions as a special for that particular month.  I had several clients/friends schedule a session.  By the end of the month, I had been facilitated enough Access Bars® sessions to memorize the hand/finger positions, their names, and most importantly, the feedback from individuals was impressive!  Of couse, when you give, you recieve.  So needless to say, who I was when I started that month, definitely wasn't who I was at the end of the month, and I was grateful for that :)

I went on to taking the 3rd class, which allowed me the choice of teaching the class.  I signed up, and that old phrase.. "when the teacher is ready, the students will come".  Well that happened to.

It is now a few years later, and I'm no where near being done learning, facilitating, and teaching Access body processes. I absolutely love them!

I may not be able to offer you in a nutshell exactly how Access Consciousness® has changed, created for me.  I can say that it has been a huge contribution in my evolvement, in teaching me more about awareness.  How to recognize ego, judgement, limitations, and the choices I have when these surface.  It has contributed to me realizing I have more choices to detach from the trauma and drama in life, and around me.  

The lessons are unlimited... fortunately :)

Even if it's not through me.. learn their based class, Access Bars®.  I can't imagine you not being able to incorporate, not only the body process into your life, also their interpretation of so many goings on in life..  

You've nothing to lose to try it, except baggage :)

Stay blessed!


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