Desiree Dodson DuMonde

Desiree Jean Dodson

Desiree Dodson DuMonde

I am beyond grateful for Access Consciousness and what it has contributed to my life and living.  The tools and processes I have learned from Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer have opened me up to truly enjoying myself here and becoming the concsiouness source of my life.  My target is to create beauty, kindness, and blissful joy.

As an opera singer, teacher, artist, musican and facilitator - it is my honor to be a part of the revealing of YOU!  I wonder if I can contribute to the resonance of YOU being YOU?

I am a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness and facilitate Bars® Classes, The Foundation, private Bars sessions, Body Processes, SOP sessions and vocal empowerment lessons as well as many various speciality calls and small classes to change the way we function and pump up the possibilities!  Come and visit me or let's get online right away and play!


It is my supreme honor to speak with you, run processes and simply be an invitation for you to play with tools to turn up your gifts, your capacites and enjoy your life as much as possible.  

Your Joy Feeds The World!

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“Never buy the lie that you aren't enough.”

- me