Desiree Dodson DuMonde

Desiree Jean Dodson

Desiree Dodson DuMonde

It is my great Joy to be a part of Access Consciousness and facilitate the Bars®, Bars® Classes, private Body Processes, SOP sessions and vocal empowerment lessons.  

Come and visit me or let's get online right away and play!

I am a musician, voice teacher and facilitator of postive change in peoples lives for over 15 years.  

As an opera singer, I delight in creating sounds that heal and shift bodies, and invite beings to expand, release and unlock.  Music has been a wonderful avenue for me to evoke and cultivate the resonance of JOY in others.

As a vocal instructor, having worked with thousands of people, I cherish the moments of vulnerabilty with my students where we unlock the voice and harness a rich potency of sound, expression and communication.  I work with singers, non singers, speakers and just about anyone who has something to express.  Vocal instruction, especially combined with the tools of Access Consciousness unlocks all the greif, trauma, abuse or whatever keeps you from releaSING with total ease and freedom.  

As a Bars Facilitator, I have spent hundreds of hours with individuals unlocking all kinds of physical and emotional issues.  I have been so fortunate to be a part of peoples choice for more, and have endless stories of clients choosing to live, choosing to heal, and choosing more joy.


It is my supreme honor to speak with you, run processes and simply be an invitation for your greatness.

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“Never buy the lie that you aren't enough.”

- me