Dr. Lisa Cooney

Dr. Lisa Cooney

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There’s something I’d like you to know: if you interrupt what you always knew, you will open up to the possibilities that you actually are.

Access Consciousness® changed my life. The Bars® and Body Processes are such a gift and the ease that these tools bring to your life is priceless.

Take a moment and imagine the life you would like to live, just perceive it. What if that life is available for you now?

I know, we are used to the struggle. We are “wired” to react instead of taking charge and get in debt to get what we desire. Maybe you feel so stressed that you cannot even rest at night. That doesn’t have to be your reality.

I received my first Access Bars®️ session, a month after my father died, and my world was falling apart. Nothing was working. During that session, I took a breath for the very first time in my life. And I awoke to a world of choice and possibilities and then spent about 10 years traveling and “Zooming” worldwide hugging, sharing, and facilitating with the Access Consciousness®️ tools and processes.

Yes. I knew the world required this information and I have dedicated my creations to bring this consciousness to whomever, and whatever country requires.

When something works, I’m always ALL in! What about you?

Part of going all-in was working really deep with my own story to free myself. Addictions, Trauma, Debt & Relationships drama. That took tons of courage! You may have seen one of my books before. If you haven’t, let me present how I chose to leap beyond the problems to the possibilities and YOU can too. You can get a taste by clicking on the name of each book: 

Creating After Abuse 
Radically Alive Beyond Abuse  
Lies of Money

You can find more about me at https://www.drlisacooneycf.com or contact my crew at customercare@drlisacooney.com for more information.

I am honored to collaborate with you, and am already happy to see your name pop up live or online! And/or see you in person. Now, Go Be Great!

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“You choose based on what's inside of you that lights you up and is fun for you, and creates joy! Choose! Act! Engage! Create the life you desire!”

- Dr. Lisa Cooney


My Classes

Access 3-Day Body Class

What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries and magic of life? The Access 3-Day Body Class is designed to open up a dialogue and create a communion with your body that allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting against it and abusing it.

Access Bars Class

Easy to learn, inexpensive and hands-on with a fully-trained facilitator guiding you in the technique.

Access Energetic Facelift

In this 1-day class, experience and learn an energetic-treatment that soothes your mind, rejuvenates your face and relaxes your body.

Relationships Done Different

Relationships Done Different is an invitation to something greater. It’s an invitation to communion.
In this class, you will be given simple and pragmatic tools designed to empower you to create relationships that actually work, starting with a relationship with you.

Talk To The Entities - Beginning

Do you desire to become more aware and present with energies and communications from those on the other side? Join Shannon O'Hara or a Certified TTTE Facilitator for the Talk to the Entities - Beginning where you will learn how to develop your own psychic awareness and change the way you see the spirit world.