Dr. Lisa Cooney

Dr. Lisa Cooney

Dr. Lisa Cooney

Bestselling Author | Marriage and Family Therapist | Being You Facilitator

Dr Lisa Cooney is a leading authority on thriving after abuse.

As a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, certified Being You Facilitator, and Master Theta Healer, she has supported thousands of people over the past 20 years in living beyond all forms of abuse to create infinite possibilities for themselves.

Dr. Lisa travels the world facilitating dynamic, fun, reality changing classes, that share practical tools to assist people to create the lives they have always dreamed of and didn’t dare to hope the could ever create for themselves.

She encourages others to Be You! Beyond Anything! Create Magic! Live Your Roar!

She is a bestselling author, hosted a radio show on Voice America for several years and is an internationally acclaimed facilitator, speaker, and group leader. www.drlisacooney.com

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drlisacooney/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dr_lisa_cooney/

Get in touch: Drlisa@drlisacooney.com

Dr. Lisa Cooney is a creative, generative leader in the area of personal transformation and an expert on thriving beyond abuse. A licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, PhD., Master Theta Healer, and certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator, she’s the creator of Live Your ROAR! Be You! Beyond Anything! Creating Magic!

An internationally recognized expert, Dr. Lisa’s work has allowed thousands of people to cross the bridge from childhood sexual abuse, and other forms of abuse, to living a “Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality” (ROAR).

The magic of her work centers on core concepts that she used to heal herself, not only from early childhood abuse, but from a life-threatening disease. These essential principles, which include the 4 C’s – Choosing for you, Committing to you, Collaborating and knowing that the universe is conspiring to bless you, and Creating the life you desire – are the touchstone for deep and lasting transformation.

In addition to her own revolutionary and “revelatory” contributions to the body of transformative wisdom, she is gifted in using the creative tools of Access Consciousness® and other modalities to facilitate others in moving beyond all obstacles and into a place of their own knowing…that space where they have direct access to the whisperings of consciousness.

Known for her “I’m Having It!…No Matter What!” approach to life, Dr. Lisa teaches people how to playfully engage this magical and generative energy to create a life that’s light and right and fun for them.

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“The Being you ARE can never be broken!”

- Live Your ROAR


My Classes

Embrace Your ROAR (Radically Orgasmically Alive Reality)

You can EMPOWER YOURSELF with real choice, and eliminate and eradicate whatever is holding you back...whether it’s abusive, negative self-talk, or an abuse-filled past. Whatever it is, you can destroy and uncreate it, now! Not tomorrow, now, when you choose Dr. Lisa Cooney’s powerful 2-day class 

Five Days to ROAR - Taster Class

What is it that you require to move beyond where you're at right now? Not the story, not the conflict, not the drama, not the trauma, not what didn't work, not what’s not working, but what would you like?No matter where you’re stuck – your challenges, conflicts, problems, or what you have created – and no matter who you're blaming it on or want it to be about – the truth is it’s about nobody but you and a choice that you have to make to move beyond.

I Hated Being Fat! - Telecall

I hated being fat! I just did! I rarely acted like myself. I didn't even look like the me I knew me to be. Who was I being! What was I choosing? Everything was a problem and a struggle. I was under the mass, density and weight of so many belief systems dedicated to the lies of powerlessness. I couldn't even stand being me let alone embodying me. So I chose something radical! I chose being me no matter what it took, no matter what I had to do, no matter what I would lose or gain, I just chose and chose and chose...ME! Does any of this sound familiar? Are you ready to choose different? Is now the time to BE you?

Living Your ROAR

You've Embraced Your ROAR, stepped out of the cage of abuse, now what?  Join Dr. Lisa Cooney, for this life-changing class where you can BE YOU, Beyond Anything, Create Magic and fully explore what it takes to create a dynamically different and generative reality by learning how to implement living beyond the cage.

Access 3 Day Body Class

What if your body was a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries and magic of life? The Access Body Class is designed to open up a dialogue and create a communion with your body that allows you to enjoy your body instead of fighting against it and abusing it.