Fiona Cutts

Fiona Cutts

The tools of Access Consciousness are quite simply the fatest, the most effective, and the easiest way to create change in any area of your life that I have encountered. After now eight years of using the tools, and seven years of facilitating classes, I have seen countless people (me included of course) change all areas of their lives beyond what is often considered possible. And the great thing is, the change continues. If you're anything like me, you are always looking for more!

So, welcome to my page - thank you so much for being here.

I love love love these tools and sharing them with people.

I am currently homeless, a gypsy of consciousness, travelling from place to place facilitating classes, attending classes, having fun, dancing my socks off and swimming in the sea!

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Eighteen years ago, I had a big wake up call. Seemingly from one day to the next, I became ill with the debilitating disease known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. For 6 years, I could scarecely leave the house, I was so drained.

It was when I finally took responsibility for my own healing, that I found first energy healing and then the tools of Access Consciousness, which empowered me to more health, more vitality, more JOY, and a greater and bigger life than I had ever thought was possible for me!

To be honest, I never dreamed I could have the life I am living now. I was an incredibly shy child, and that shyness haunted me all my life until I found the tools of Access Consciousness and Right Voice for You.

Nowadays, I am living in beautiful Montenegro. I landed here almost by chance during early lockdown, and I couldn't leave!

I offer all kinds of classes online, and when possible in person in Montenegro and the Balkans Region, throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, and beyond.

Is this what you have been looking for? If YES, I invite you to come and play!

with JOY

Fiona Cutts

Certified Facilitator
Right Voice for You Facilitator
JOY of Business Facilitator
Sexological Bodyworker

JOYful person!

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What if life could be fun? An invitation to creating your life from fun!

“The purpose of life is to have fun. Are you having any?”

- Gary Douglas