Hardini Dyah Astuti

Hardini Dyah Astuti

Hardini Dyah Astuti

Hii and welcome...

I love to share and empower people of all background that they desire to change their "destiny". Since I was a child I was asking question, why people around me believe in destiny, seems that they do not have choices in this world. Until I met Access Consciousness, I know that we have unlimited choices in this universe. We can choose, creating, play and nothing is unachievable. 

My question now, what would it take that life always be easy, joy, and glory in every aspect of life for me and all people in this world and universe. 

I am so happy to share the consciousness using access clearing and tools. As Bars Facilitator, I welcome you to have bars classes with me. As TTTE Intro Facilitator, I would so happy to spread the consciousness of entities, stopping judgement of spiritworld are scary and bad. Spiritworld is full of love and nurturing.  As medical dentist, I also learn from Dr Tom Kolso, founder of Happy Mouth to give you a session of energetic dentistry that could booster the result of dental treatment and generate your dental health.

What would it take for us to outcreate together...

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