Janine Steele

Janine Steele

Janine Steele

Do you wish for more ease, joy and gratiude in your life? Janine invites you to experience Access Bars, the foundation tool of Access Consciousness. This gentle yet dynamic, hands-on technique is a game-changer that can clear limiting thoughts, emotions and fixed beliefs, creating positive change in any aspect of your life. Janine empowers you to reconnect with yourself, your truth and function with greater awareness and clarity.

Janine offers indiviual client sessions as well as facilitating one-day Access Bars workshops, teaching these amazing tools.

A Registered Nurse for 25 years, Janine passionately and holistically supports others on their healing journeys. Now as an Access Bars Facilitator and Body Process Practitioner, Janine can introduce you to a different way of functioning and infinite possiblilities for your life.

What if you could create a new reality and experience life with total ease? What if you could connect to your deep knowing and follow your truth? What if you could move away from judgement and wrongness? What would your life be like? 

With the Access Consciousness tools, particularly The Bars, this is 100% possibile. You can step into a lighter way of being, one that's way more fun and easier than you could ever imagine. 

The benefits of a Bars session can literally be anything from improved physical and emotional health, to greater clarity, relationships, money flows and business success. 

Orginially from Melbourne, Janine is also a photographic artist and mother, enjoying a simple coastal lifestyle in Peregian Beach.  If you would like to know more about The Bars, Body Processes or Access Consciousness in general, contact Janine as she offers individual client sessions and facilitates one-day Access Bars workshops.


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