Jesper Nilsson

Jesper Nilsson

Jesper Nilsson

"Vad vet du egentligen om dig själv, din omgivning och universum? Tänk om du vet mycket mer än andra människor har fått dig att tro? Skulle du vilja lära dig hur du kan få tillgång till det som vi alla människor egentligen vet? Kom med på resan mot dig själv och hur du är en del av allt!

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The year 2007 I realized I was either depressed or empty of emotions or both. Today I am glad I did not desperately seek to regain a lot of emotions. For me today, thoughts, feelings and emotions are limiting my awareness and what is possible. It does not mean I cannot have fun, be happy or have gratitude for all the things in my life. Now I just do not judge myself for missing the emotions that I thought you were supposed to have. What else is possible?

Today I ask myself if I desire to live, and how I can contribute to people, the earth, consciousness and to change. How does it get any better?

I would like to give you the possibility to ask yourself if you really want to live? If you do want to live, how come your life and living is not working the way you want it to??
Either if you do or don't want to live I am here to give you tools and possibilities for how to expand your living, relationships, money and sex life. If this is something that is touching you in any way, please contact me right away! I am available for classes or treatments almost anywhere on earth.

What would work for YOU?

For more information visit my homepage"

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