Jillian Jones

Jillian Jones

What do you desire?
Is there some part of your life that you wish to change?
Perhaps you’re seeking clarity, inspiration, or a sense of purpose?

I’ve done a lot of personal development and learned a lot of healing techniques over the years, but when a friend introduced me to Access Consciousness in 2011 a whole world of possibilities became available to me. Ever since, I’ve been playing with the tools, frequently and consistently. Even my children and husband know how much benefit they receive from having their Bars run when they’re feeling a little funky.

Now, I experience far less stress and anxiety than I did before I found Access. I have so much gratitude and experience the magic and joy of living on a daily basis. There is peace, ease and fun in all areas of my life.

I know that whatever it is that you’re wanting to change or create - be it around health, happiness, less stress, more money, joy in your work life, a fulfilling relationship - if you’re willing to use the resources of Access Consciousness you can have all of this and more. 

If what you’ve been doing up until now isn’t working, would you be willing to try something different? 

May I suggest an Access Consciousness Bars session, or an Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift session as a starting point?

You can reach me here:

Email: jillian@jillianjones.com
Phone: 0408732291

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