Karlina van der Weij

Karlina Van der Weij

Karlina van der Weij

It's all changed again many times over.  I've lived a couple lifetimes in the last 5 or so years.  I work with Access Consciousness and travel the world coordinating events, working cameras and more!  My life is busy, it's full, it amazing, it's totally crazy and it's never a dull moment really!  I live in a mansion half way up the mountains of Vancouver in a beautiful neighbourhood with an incredible view.  I own a sweet, gorgeous horse in Costa Rica.  I travel around the world to amazing places and I have amazing people in my life every day.  Life is amazing is so many ways!  And I always wonder what else is possible? 

Here's my story from several years ago.  I enjoyed reading it as it allows me to acknowledge just how much I've changed by choosing to create!  Choice creates.  
What would you like to choose today?  
What future would you like to create? 

Have a read if you like....

With joy and gratitude,

"Good day!

How are you? Welcome to my profile page. I'm so thrilled you found me!

So you'd like to know a little about me. Hmmm, where to start. Definitely not the beginning. That would take forever! lol Let's start at the end!

I took an Access Bars class in Spring of 2011. I remember it was a nice space to be in. Like being in meditation and having no thoughts in your head. Something I had never been able to sit still for! lol However, I really didn't ""get it"". It wasn't until Winter of 2011 that I met someone and we traded bars. After a few sessions, I finally got it. That's when I started to use more tools. I started with ""How does it get any better than this?"" I would repeat it about 10 times in a row and guess what. Things changed! Wow! So then I started asking more questions. And I asked myself all the way to Hawaii to take Foundation and Level 1.

That was the beginning of 2012. Since then, I've created absolute magic and become a Certified Facilitator myself. I've been asking questions and asking for more to show up. Along the way, I've chosen to let go of everything standing in my way. My business was building and often a bit of a roller coaster. One month was fantastic and the next not so much. It's now the beginning of February 2013 and everything fell together. I let go of something that had been holding me back and like magic, all the obstacles in my way in the last couple of months, are melting away in days.

This morning I couldn't wait to get out bed and get to work! When was the last time you had that?

If you'd like to change absolutely everything in your life and have it show up better than you could have ever possibly imagined, start using the access tools. If you'd like to do it fast, then contact me and we can get you going right away!

How fast are you willing to have everything you've been asking for?

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“Choice Creates!”

- Gary M Douglas