Katherine McIntosh

Katherine McIntosh

Katherine McIntosh


Founder of The No Judgment Diet @TM

Change is Just One Choice Away!

Hi!  I'm Katherine.  Certified Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, International speaker, World Traveler, Mom,

Best Selling Author and Seeker committed to helping you wake up

and create a body, business, and life that lights you up!!


Born and Raised in the midwest, I was an althlete, fascinated with the human potential.  Stuck between two parents who lived in two totally different universes....

a world of extreme success and extreme depression,

I got first hand what it was like to watch how our beliefs create our lives.  

Potent, Talented, Althletic, and able to do almost anything, I was an awkward teen who at a young age had no idea how psychic and aware I was...

Once I turned 15, I struggled with depression, food, weight, image, self-esteem for almost 20 years.....

It was the internal turmoil that led me to discover the body's magic...... and acknowledge that you, your body, and your universe are here to show you the gift you are to the world.


Straight to the point, and willing to deliver the potency required to create the change you desire, I am a Facilitator & Body Intuitive who created an International 90 Day Course in Possibilities

for the body, self-esteem, magic, and the human potential.


Katherine wrote the foreward for the #1 best seller, The Energy of Expansion, was featured in The Untamed Entrepreneur, and is an author of 3 best selling books including The Energy of Healing, Creativity, and Dancing as the Body of Consciousness!


Katherine has spoken in front of royalty and government officials in Dubai and Bahrain, has traveled the globe and played with leaders, shakers, and movers from all walks of life.


She is the founder of the No Judgment Diet@TM, an International course in possibilities for the body that has helped hundreds of people in over 24 different countries get out of judgment with their bodies to create the business, body, and life they love!

For a Free Video Download packed with potency and straight to the point facilitation.....

this will help you discover the magic and miracles inside of you visit:   http://www.katherinemcintosh.com/stepintoyourbrilliance

""Katherine brings her whole soul self to everything she does, no less.
Every color on her palette, creative and authentic, down to the bone marrow, she’s all in.
Healer, teacher, guide, artist, dancer, and certified soul sender, she got it all.""
~Russell B"

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“The World Doesn't Need More Diets. The World Needs to Love the Skin They're In.”

- Katherine McIntosh