Yee Ley Lau

Lily Lau

Hello my name is Yee Ley

Thank you for choosing being here on this weird and wonderful planet. I'd like to invite you to know that a lighter way of living and being here is totally possible. Like for real!

Most of us feel like we've been called here, and not sure why the planet is the way it is and we've tried to fit in. Access has helped me see that I and others are not really here to fit in and follow the rules, but to actually bring about different choices and what will contribute to the expansion of consciousness.

What was life like for me?
I found life confusing with not knowing what I really wanted to be or do in life with the conflicting messages around me. I programmed myself to think that everyone else was right and I was wrong.  I was super quite, shy and hid myself away from most people very well. My life was a struggle and I wanted it to end which I attempted at age 11 and I even failed at that. I suffered from ezcema and panic attacks and I ended up having a mini-melt down in my early 30s.

I now see that the break-down was the catalyst for change that I was crying out for.  Energy healing and all things woo came into my life at that time and I learnt that I was actually super aware, but taking on other people’s energies, beliefs, judgements and points of view and made them my own and so could not really hear me at all. 

How has Access helped me?
I have more space to be me!
I have found Access Bars®, the Body Processes and the array of tools Access offers, shift things quite dynamically for me which I am so so grateful for.  It helped untangle me and my body from all the programming and implants I had bought into. 

I have more clarity, awareness, lightness, less judgements, less conclusions, more choices, more money, more joy!! Expansive opporuntities are coming to me with ease!

With the tools from Access, I have been able to transform my life and way of living where I am willing to be seen and heard. I now provide healing sounds for individuals and groups globally using my voice, and have come up with my own classes to assist others with their healing voice too. I also provide Ancestral Alchemy workshops, as well as running Access Bars classes, body process classes and sessions. 

How does it get any better than that?

Want to come explore with me?

Access Bars® and the Access Body Processes® has been a great contribution to my life in so many ways, so if this resonates with you....dare you go beyond what you know? Come play

Ready? Let’s go….

Yee Ley

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“'We are the space in between all things, shaping and forming matter. What are you making matter in your life?'”

- Yee Ley lau