Lorena Vlașin

Lorena Vlașin

Lorena Vlașin

What else is possible, that you don't think is possible, that if you would allow the possibilities, it would actualize as a different reality?

I've always knew that there is something different in, with and about this world. 

When I was little, I was smiling and saying "Hi" to everybody on the street. No barriers, no fear, but invitation to a different space, oneness. 

But once, I truly be, know, perceive and receive that...

And once I found about Access Consciousness and the tools of ease, joy and glory, my life and this world I live in, was never the same againWould you like that for you, too?

At the age of 17, it took me just 5 months to choose more and more and become a Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness.

And this is just the beggining!

Now, I am travelling the world to spread consciousness.

How can I choose more? How can you choose more? What could we create together?

What future could we create with our choices?

It takes you only to choose.. Choice creates. And there is no wrong or right choice! You do not have to be right or wrong anymore! You can be everything..All those energies that you truly are. The expansion beyond anything you can see that exists. The contribution and the gift for this world. The invitation for something far beyond possible.

What if you can change the world if you choose something that is impossible at the moment?

Are you willing to loose the fight with this reality and create the possibilities of a reality beyond this one?

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“When you are being wrong, are you being the gift of you or do you destroy the gifts that you are given and what you could be?”

- Shannon O'Hara