Margaret Braunack

Margaret Braunack

Margaret Braunack

"Margaret is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator of 17 years and 3 Day Body Class Facilitator. She has worked in the Personal Development and Natural Health fields for over 35 years. She is a dynamic Published Author, International Keynote Speaker & Facilitator of seminars and workshops, a Lifestyle and Business Coach, a Trainer of NLP and Master Hypnotherapist. She engages her audiences & invites, empowers and inspires them to new possibilities. Topics often asked for are, Leadership, Sex & Relationships, Accessing Conscious Children & Parents, Money & Business. She has travelled extensively in search of consciousness. 18 years ago she discovered Access Consciousness. Since then her life has accelerated more than at any other time choosing hundreds of other modalities. As a Facilitator of Change & Transformation, she is willing to assist you to greater possibilities more than you could ever imagine. Are you willing to live in the question to allow greater possibilities to show up? What would it take for you to choose more for you? Are you willing to have the freedom, fun, joy and adventures that your life has to offer? She is willing to travel anywhere for classes. Private sessions are also available. either in person or over the phone. Please email or phone for further details. +61 418877946
How does it get any better than this?
What would it take for you to be you and change the world?

Margaret's 1st Published Book "Having Your Cake and Eating It Too", is available in 5 languages.

English, Japanese, Turkish, Cantonese and Mandarin.

If you would like to purchase a copy of her book: ""Having Your Cake and Eating It Too."" The Hedonist's Guide to Opulent, Decadent and Orgasmic Living.

These are available through the Access Consciousness Shop and Amazon

She has also published 3 small children's books in a series called "I Love Being". I Love Being Happy, I Love Being Me and I Love Being Curious.

She has also contributed chapters to several other books, one being Conscious Parents, Conscious Kids. 


How did I get so lucky to have Marg Braunack show up in my life? Recently I was willing to follow the energy and I chose to review Foundation & Level 1 with Marg. What a gift!! Being in a class with Marg for me had parallels of being in a class with Gary and Dain. How does it get any better than that? Her willingness to be totally present, without judgement and just BE, was and is amazing. I am truly grateful for who Marg chooses to be and shows up as!! What else is possible? Thankyou Marg. xoxo
P.Roberts. QLD. Aust

I saw Margaret speak at a New Age festival in New Zealand almost a year ago today. During and after her presentation I was captivated, energised and more aware of the limitations I was creating than ever before. Since that day I have spent many amazing days with Margaret. It has been an extraordinary experience and a privilege to be in the presence of someone functioning from a space so different from this reality.
To put it simply, meeting Marg changed the course of my life. I now have more fun, more joy, more awareness and a whole lot more of me. Words alone can not express the gratitude I have for her and for her incredible facilitation. If you truly seek consciousness and access to a joyful, expansive and phenomenal existence - step into Marg’s world for ten seconds and I can assure you, you will not be disappointed.
Fiona, Auckland. NZ

Marg I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how wonderful it was to meet you at the Essential Women’s Expo in Brisbane and what an impact meeting you have had on my life. For the first time at the expo I truly experienced what it was like to consciously manifest what I wanted in my life. All the things I have been learning about and searching for answers to, have fallen into place.
In the past couple of weeks I have been using a few of the Access questions and the results have been amazing. From finding the perfect earrings to go with a new top, to having more money come in. I feel lighter, as if life is easier and I have more clarity about many things. I am now able to see what this year has been about. I can focus on the things I have learnt this year and the impact these things have had on my life rather than looking at the things that I didn’t accomplish that were on my goals’ list. I feel certain that this will lead to 2009 being even better than I could ever have imagined. It is even okay that I don’t know what this means or looks like. I shall just ALLOW whatever is meant to be. Coming from someone who is a total “control freak” this is a huge shift.
Thank you for being so willing to share your knowledge and for facilitating me and just for being you.
Vanessa. Melbourne

Marg the session was ********* fantastic. You are worth every cent and more.
M.S. Qld

Marg thanks again for all the clearings… gosh, they do live up to the name! I feel like there’s been massive clearings in my body and also received some cool awarenesses. I perceive there’s been some changes in the energy around my situation. Secondly, there’s lots of ease in my body today, you were awesome! and that’s not a word I use lightly :))
Nicola. NSW

This is to say thank you Marg, for you giving to me a gift that is now enabling me to be a far better person. I now look at life as a joy that I always knew I was capable of creating, but until our meeting I couldn’t access out of myself. Now the love that I share with my partner is about creating more love. I will also be requiring more of your gift in the future.
M.R. New Zealand

HI Margaret
I thought I would write to say what a fantastic day it was. From the minute I walked into the room, the energy was electric. I came with no real expectations of what was going to happen, other than at some point I knew it would feel good. It was so grand to be a room of non judgmental people with such a high level of energy and humor.

I must admit I seem to have wandered off the path of self trust for a few years now and it would be good to get back on track. So I have a new tool today, but you know what, I walked out the door believing that my purpose in life was to make magic…..
I have just now registered for more courses and I am very much looking forward to working with you again and to see what shows up.
Catherine Auckland

“We went to Margaret on the verge of going our separate ways abandoning our marriage of 10years. After spending time with Margaret facing our issues both as a couple and individually our marriage is stronger and more exciting than ever. We found Margaret had a kind but confronting manner when dealing with each individual issue. On an individual level Margaret showed me how to stand up for myself in a bullying, stressful work environment that then gave me the courage to leave my job of 14 years. I have found a new job with an encouraging, supportive work ethic. Take care.
Venita. Brisbane

Good morning Marg. I had an amazing breakthrough this morning for myself and it did full circle back to the fact that nothing is real. How awesome is that? I love you Marg. You are one of the greatest gifts in my life, if not the greatest. Thank you so much for crossing my path 5 years ago and assisting me to the beautiful person that I am today.
Lizzy. XXXX. Brisbane

I have been lucky enough to have Margaret show up with all her amazing talents and abilities. I am now parenting from a whole new way.
I have received the most amazing tools and techniques that I have been applying to not only the children but everyone in my life. We are all calmer and there is so much more joy in our lives every day. They listen to me and there is so much more caring and nurturing. There really is a whole lot more ease in our household and I am truly grateful to be able to be parenting from consciousness.
My observation is how amazingly perceptive, aware and creative our children are. They have no judgment about anything and everything to them is such an interesting point of view. Every day, every moment is a new adventure, they truly are Magic.
What would it be like to see the world through the eyes of our children? What can they teach us?
Sally Port Hedland WA

I cannot imagine having children without access to the many tools Margaret has shown me. Her willingness to facilitate my family to many possibilities has taken the torture out of parenting. We have two little people who willingly choose joy, adventure, intelligence, creativity, exuberant confidence and awareness over trauma drama and upset. I now proudly watch my kids show adults what it is to have all of this in their lives and more. Isn’t that what children are to all of us….a gift! Why not let Margaret show you another way. There is nothing wrong with the way you parent……but isn’t it exciting that we could have more for our children? More than we could have possibly imagined. I truly hope you choose this and I look forward to a happier planet.
Kerry WA.

Wow, Marg, last night's Finding You & Your Voice in Your Relationships class was amazing ... blew me away. Still floating away, somewhere. Who am I today? Who cares as long as it's fun and expansive.
Much gratitude to you :) Hugs.
N S. Sydney NSW

Hi Marg,
This is wonderful and I’m with you all the way. This way of parenting has changed everything so dynamically for me and I am so grateful for Conscious Parenting.
For what reason would I not choose Conscious Parenting? For what reason would I not access the magical talents and abilities of my children and see the gift that they truly are?
It has amazed me how by simply asking questions this has empowered my children to a new possibility I could have ever imagined.
What do I require for parenting to be Ease, Joy and Glory more then I could ever imagine…What would that look like? What do our children require? What can they be to be able to function with total Ease in this reality? What Else Is Possible?
Big beings in little cute bodies…how did I get so lucky?

Hi Marg,
You were a part of one of the biggest, most crucial turning points in my life.... meeting you and experiencing Access from a place of 'no-guru' ... of asking myself and my knowing.... truly changed so many things that I can't even comprehend what my life would have been like if I hadn't met you.
You have helped guide me towards being more of me, and I will always love and be grateful to you for it. Thanks for just being a great friend, person. xoxo
T N. Brisbane Qld

Hey Marg,
I feel fantastic today – much better than I have for a couple of weeks – I felt like I kept processing all night – every time I half woke up some access statement was going thru my head… anyway whatever it was worked spectacularly!! What else is possible?
L M. Brisbane Qld
Peak Performance Strategist

""Thanks Marg ... its amazing how you can meet someone who changes your whole life ... that is the potency of meeting you!!! How lucky am I? And what else is possible???""
M Brown. NZ

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