Matthew Bochsler

Matt Bochsler

Matthew Bochsler

Im an Energetic Body Worker, and an enthusiastic steward for a caring planet. I started in IT administration years back, had a house on a mountain, pets, cars, motorcycles, acreage, and everything else I knew I was told to aspire to.

Still I was yearning for something more, never satisified, I knew this realities story about what's possible wasn’t everything I was aware of. Chasing the dream I was given as true , knowing there was more, I realized something about people. That most people I met had a sense of caring at their core. Even the seemingly angry, depressed, or fatefully bummed out ones were super heroes waiting for something to happen or show up before they started being them.

I moved back into the city, infusing myself in the things I deemed were the cause of my unhappiness. I started asking questions and demanded the universe cover my back as I stepped outside of the box. Questions like, what would I choose to be and have if nothing mattered. Happy was the first thing that came up, funny I missed that. I realized it wasn’t work hard, play hard, it was ease, joy, and a glorious living that I knew it was possible. I was one of those people waiting for something to happen before making a move.

Ready to jump into the lightness of being and change the world, but still living a limited existence. Then I realized I had been demanding things change but hadn’t included myself in the equation. To demand of myself to be me, no matter what, no matter how, and facilitate anyone else asking the same to be them too. That same week I moved back to the city, I realized so much of what I was looking for was waiting right there, behind what I had resisted. After adding myself into my demands, the universe threw an energetic body class into my path, an Access Consciousness intro. It was the piece I needed to acknowledge that all things are truly possible if you lower your barriers, ask a few questions, and receive what shows up. Oneness is an interesting term for most, but what it means to me is when you receive everyone and everything without any point of view. It changes the world.

Now I travel and facilitate Access classes and Conscious adventure tours, following the energy of people and places that know more is possible. I'm also an avid energetic body worker, facilitating people to quickly and easily change all that they are ready to receive within their being and body, starting NOW. What if what U know and who you B Is what the planet is calling you to step into to find a happier U? Hope to cross paths with all of you choosing something different!

Matt Bochsler
Cell- 303-225-1852
Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator

Body Process Facilitator

Bars Facilitator

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“If you wanted as much for you as i do for you the world might be an amazing place.”

- Matt Bochsler