Mel Mazing

Mel Mazing

Mel Mazing

Hi, how are you?
In October 2008 I came across a modality that I KNEW I had to do, It was called Access Consciousness, I didn't know what it was or how it was done however I was going to do it.
And WOW what an extraordinary 5 days I had.. Yes i did the bars foundation and level 1 all together, those 5 days changed my life and I was like..more more more....
I have since done numerous Access Classes and have become a Certified facilitator and love working with people to assist them in knowing what they know and having the life they truly desire.

I am so grateful For Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer for choosing more so I can choose more, With out the tools of access I wouldn't be more of me!

I use the tools everyday with my children to empower them to be who they truly BE and our relationship has changed and grown stronger! We enjoy each other far greater than I ever imagined possible!

I am Grateful for every single one of you that has chosen more, What are the infinite possibilities if we all choose to be more of who we truly be?? How does it get any better than that??


“I have known Mel for several years now & she has introduced me to the world of Access Consciousness. I was an absolute textbook sceptic to begin with but Mel gently introduced me to one concept at a time, she knew when to poke and prod and when to hold back. Mel now runs my bars regularly and I wish I’d started sooner. Just being in Mel’s company brings me such a sense of calm and happiness. It’s not often you meet someone with absolutely no judgement of you or how you live your life and make decisions. I’m open to receive things I never would have before which allows me such greater opportunity in life. I find myself contacting Mel with every milestone or change that occurs in my life, whether it’s good or bad because I value everything she has to say. It always brings me a sense of clarity because she is able to facilitate me looking at things from different angles. I would urge anybody curious about Access Consciousness to contact Mel, you won’t regret it! For those of you that aren’t new to Access, you will not be disappointed in Mel’s calm, professional and knowledgeable approach.”

Lauren. QLD

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