Molly Mandelberg

Molly Mandelberg

Molly Mandelberg

I'm a Jane of all Trades. A spiritual adventurer. A possibility seeker. I travel the world as a digital nomad, teaching magic and marketing to Warrior Goddess Thought Leaders like myself. If you're ready to change the world, and it's time to get the word out, I've got your back. 

I support thought leaders to craft their deep work into inspiring content and hot copy, and tackle the 21st century tech, so they can reach more people and make more money with less time spent. 

Sometimes that looks like a bars class, sometimes it's a marketing retreat where we find your voice and begin broadcasting it out to your people. 

Follow this wild adventure at 

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“"Ask big questions. Take bold action. Remember that you are here for a reason."”

- Molly Mandelberg