Naresh Dayal

Naresh Dayal

Naresh Dayal

Naresh Dayal, is a gifted Access Consciousness Facilitator.  He is highly respected especially in Mumbai where he has been living for the last ten years and in Delhi where he grew up and has spent well over forty five years. He has been happily married for 42 years to Mohini, his beautiful, charming and awesome wife who is also an Access Bars Facilitator.

Naresh did his schooling at Modern School, Barakhamba Road New Delhi and then graduated from Delhi College of Engineering, both of which are exclusive and well known educational institutions in India. Retired from Corporate Life after 41 years of distinguished career in 2011. During his over 40 years of corporate career, like a true humanoid, he had introduced a number of innovative and path breaking concepts, products and services in India. Though that awareness was not with him at that time.

Though he had created and instituted a number of new concepts and projects in his corporate career, he had always looked for greater and desired to contribute more to the people who came in contact with him. The greater and the contribution he was seeking, he found after retirement in doing Access Classes and soon became a Bars Facilitator. In one of the various Access Consciousness classes he attended, he became aware that “Spreading Consciousness” was what he had always desired. He was already an Access Bars Facilitator then. There was no stopping after that awareness and he became an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator to have a greater life and living for himself and facilitate others, who desire and are ready to choose the same for themselves.

Since he started in Access, he has contributed to his own body by getting rid of Glaucoma (a disease of the eye which can lead to blindness) medication. As per the medical doctors the eye drops to control Glaucoma must be used for the rest of the life but Naresh does not require them. He also contributed to his wife reduce the dosage of her medication for Thyroid to half so far, by using Access Body Processes. There are various others who have chosen better health and living after facilitation by Naresh Dayal. The people who have given testimonials include people suffering from fourth stage cancer, depression, heart ailment, liver damage, diabetes etc. There are many others who have changed their financial situation and relationships after attending his classes or one on one sessions.



I am Dr Kaushik Shah from Dr B C Shahs Clinic — the first ISO 9001 :2008 certified clinic of Kandivali West.

My close relative was suffering from chronic depression inspite of being on medication, and was on verge of committing suicide. I referred her to Mr Naresh Dayal. He removed certain entities present in her. She is now free from disease.

I highly recommend him as we all know wherever there is a will there is a way.


Dr Kaushik Shah, July 2015


Nareshji is that enterpreneur who got converted to a healer as if by magic.

I have attended Access classes with him and also took up one on one sessions with him to work on my finances... and believe me it was as if by magic everything was changing and shaping up on its own. I did not do anything consciously to change it.

His ability to work with entities is another of his gifts.... he does it so naturally... and perceives a lot of information from that realm and the clearings are just awesomme.... I call them his Magic wand.

So in a nut shell... I would call Nareshji a gifted magical healer.

Thank you sooo much Nareshji.

God Bless.


Deepali Bhatt, December 2015


Access bars have gifted myself back to me. Having gone thru the session with you, I am smiling more often. It makes me feel energetic all day and my mornings are full of positive vibes. I see less of things that don't work for me and am able to concentrate on my strengths. Thank you for your contribution.


Gratitude for making life easy, joyful and glorious.


 Sangeetha Krovvidi, December 2015



My beautiful friend of 25 years of age was going to get married. Suddenly she behaved in abnormal manner. Anti Psychotic drugs were prescribed. But there was no relief.
Mr. Naresh Dayal, was consulted. He removed Entities present in Her. She is now happily married and has a beautiful son. She is free of all medications.
I recommend Mr Naresh Dayal who is a healer par Excellence.

Dr. Heena K Shah, 2015

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