Pat Duran

Pat Duran

Pat Duran

"Are you ready for change?

What if you could experience the life you’ve dreamed of?

Like many of you, I have been seeking for decades. I’ve studied and become certified in many different disciplines (see the list at the end) and gotten a lot out of each one. I had never found anything as simple, quick, and lasting as Access. Some of the shifts have been subtle, e.g., realizing all of a sudden that I haven’t been depressed in a long time, or that I almost never get upset any more, or that I filed my taxes on time after years of filing extensions.. Some have been more dramatic, like having a productivity spurt where I built my website and wrote an eBook in less than two weeks – tasks I had procrastinated about for over a year! The biggest shift I am aware of is that I'm happy! Some changes (such as financial) support that but mostly it's just that I'm more comfortable in my own skin and excited about my life.

I have combined Access with my other disciplines and my clients have had dramatic results. One client, a realtor, had been working on a multi-million dollar deal for 9 years. We cleared the blocks and shifted the energy adn the deal closed within months. Another client moved away from victim mode into taking personal responsibility for creating her own life. Another has resolved her grief over the loss of her best friend and moved on to create a very successful business. Another has drastically reduced her chronic pain.

What else is possible?®

I spent 33 years working in Corporate America before the death of my mother caused me to reevaluate what I was doing. I chose to explore full-time what I had been doing on vacations and on the side for many years. I am a healer and spiritual intuitive. My Mom's death prompted me to work with people who had lost a loved one and help them to reconnect with their loved one and get back the joy in their lives. I love to help people develop their own connection wiht their loved ones who have passed.

I love guiding women to have a diferent relationship with getting older and their bodies in general. The combination of body work and verbal processing that Access provides is so powerful!

I also love taking a holistic view adn working with people on helath, finances, business, relationships, public speaking, and whatever comes up. What else is possible?

In 2012, I became a certified Bars Facilitator, then a Body Process Facilitator, a Facelift Facilitator and then, in 2013, a Certified Facilitator (now expired). I was also a Talk to the Entities facilitator and chose not to renew that certification although i still very much enjoy working with entities.

You can think of my approach as working on 3 levels:

1. SELF. It all starts here, right? Most people whoa re drawn to Access are very hard on themselves. THisis a lot about getting out of judgment and stepping into how glorious and potent you truly be.

2. OTHERS. Not just romantic relationship but interacring with others in general. There may be old contracts from past lives or many other energies that are interfering with ease in relationships

3. BEYOND. Working with the other side (entities). This could be loved ones who have passed, guides/teammates who can support you, or entities that are not contributing to your life and it's time for them to go.

I love teaching and seeing how people look so different when they are leaving compared to when they arrived. Here are some comments from class participants:

""Thanks for the most caring, interesting, student-centered Access workshop I have ever attended."" (this was her fifth bars class!)

""I'm still floating!"" (the day after class)

""You are such a great facilitator, so warm, so intuitive. It was SO fun to work with you.""

""You are the best teacher of Access. People you teach are so good at it. Your heart has reason to sing all day long and all night.""

""Pat Duran is a great facilitator....warm, open, giving and non-judgmental. Whoopee!""

""It was awesome. Pat is a great teacher, and the technique is very effective. We were able to give and receive the technique twice during the class. I could actually feel the energy moving and releasing from my body.""

“I loved the concept and the energy of this treatment and I’m excited about sharing it. It’s simple to learn and yet very effective. The teacher has a beautiful soul and energy.”


What feels light to you?
• A private Bars session?
• A Bars class so you can run the Bars on others and even start your own business?
• A private coaching session?
• A private body session?

Let’s explore together and discover what we can create. How does it get any better than that?™

• Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator
• Access Consciousness® Facelift Facilitator
• Access Consciousness® Body Process Facilitator
• Talk to the Entities™ Facilitator
• Master Practitioner of NLP*
• NLP Health Certified
• Licensed in the True Purpose™ method
• Certified NLP Coach
• Certified Dream Coach®
• Certified Too Young To Retire® coach
• Certified Grief Recovery Specialist®
• EFT**
• Hypnosis
• Energetic NLP
• Yuen Chinese Energetics

Formerly Access Conscousness Certified Facilitator and Talk to the Entities Facilitator 

* NLP = Neuro-Linguistic Programming
** EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique

NOTE: I offer some classes that are not on the Access site. If you'd like to check out my calendar go to

What are the infinite possibilities?"

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This was a google hangout that I did with two of my sponsors back in 2015. We discuss Access and some of our favorite tools.