Patriccia Balan

Patriccia Balan

Patriccia Balan

Hello Beautiful Being!

Thank you for your interest in my profile.  Originating from India, I was born in Assam and brought up in Bangalore and am residing in Dubaif or about 24 years now. My background is primarily from the Corporate Advertising Industry having worked in different multi nationals servicing several global and local brands.  I quite the corporate world to start another adventure with Papprikka Produkshns which is still in operation is constantly looking for greater.  

Like most of us, I came to a point in life where, something had to change. It was no longer about the job, the money, the relationship it was about ME.  It came down to the basics of me being happy whether something or someone was in my life or not.  

Having attended several classes in different modalities i came upon Access Consciousness. The five days of change (Bars & The Foundation) was gonna be my last stop to seeking what i was looking for not knowing what that was.  I took these classes primarily to create that ease, peace and joy i was seeking for me.  Having attended these classes and using the tools, my life changed dynamically.  I woke up happy every morning for no reason or justification.  I was peaceful, i was no longer the effect of other peoples choices, and whenever i was i could simply choose to change it with the tools from Access Consciousness.  The ease i received and the tools to truly function from possibility rather than limitations is what made me choose to become a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness.  

The more i facilitate these classes, the more i offer private sessions (one on one) i am honored and grateful to the tools as the changes i perceive with others who have done these classes is immense.  The graitude i receive is priceless. The change with Ease is priceless. The change i receive each day with these tools is priceless.

So if your looking for more ease, more joy and more possibility, do connect with me.

What if your past didnt control your present and your future.  Would you be willing to function from more possibility than limitation?


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“Definition by definition alone, is a limitation.”

- Gary Douglas

My Classes

Access Bars Gifting & Receiving

Gifting and receiving Access Bars® is an incredibly nurturing and kind process for you and your body. You begin to open the doors to oneness - where everything exists without judgment. In an Bars Gifting & Receiving you will be able to trade bars with other bars practitioners in your area.  It's a great way to get your bars run regularly!

The Foundation

This class undoes the foundation of limitation you've been thinking you have to live from as though you have no other choice! It is facilitated by certified Access facilitators all over the world and is a 4-day intense exploration of what else is possible. The class creates awareness of the foundation of awareness that you haven't been using yet in your life!

A Taste of Access

What the bleep is Access Consciousness? Well, that is what these short classes are all about. It can be a taste of any area of Access... Your facilitator or practitioner will go through some of the basic tools, techniques and processes, allowing you to have a greater awareness of what is possible for you!