Riahnna Demahr

Riahnna Demahr

Riahnna Demahr

Riahnna has been a practicing nurse for over thirty years and a holistic practitioner for over 20 years.  It was twenty some years ago that she landed in the hospital with a disease that carried an 89% chance of mortality.  The attending physician asked her the first question that  became an encouragement for the search that followed.  Upon discharge from the hospital he showed her her x-rays and asked: “ There is no evidence that you were ever sick, would you be willing to tell me what really happened?”  This totally changed my life.  I was always interested in helping people. Working as a nurse at the time, I had never explored possibilities other than what was apparent in both healing and living.

The questions since then and desire to be more conscious have lead to the study of many different modalities.  Her practice is now based on questions, which she says open up the space to greater possibilities.  Her private includes sessions, groups, tele-calls and classes. They include verbal processing, energy and body work.

“My favorite sessions is where I just follow what the body requires for the change that the client is asking for.  They are fun, expansive and the subtlety of the works allows for changes to show up with a sense of ease.”


This is an open invitation to play…….. If you knew that you could never get it wrong, What would you choose?

I have a commitment to more consciousness and facilitating myself and others into creating a greater reality.  There is so much joy when something changes and the real You emerges with total ease!!!!


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