Romain Bester

Romain Bester

Romain Bester

During the past 12 years, my never-ending curiosity and desire for improvement, led me to Reiki, family constellations, meditation, breathing and mind-body Tao healing practices for my own benefit and healing as a student, as well as for others as a teacher. 

These are all wonderful tools that helped me a lot, but I truly started a new chapter of my life when I discovered and experienced “access”.



Since then I am getting more and more clear, conscious and in control of my life with confidence, gratitude and trust that the best is to come.

I have learned to ask the right questions and let the answers manifest with so much ease! Everything that used to feel complicated and intricate unfolds in front of me.

Access bars sessions have helped me to center myself in a very quick, soft, pleasant and refreshing way. 

Each time, I give or receive a bars session, I let go of the deafening sound of my environment and the chatter of my mind. It brings me back to the simplicity and perfection of the present moment and the space, the joy as well as the immense possibilities that I and life can be. I rediscover my true nature and my place in a world that is no longer difficult and painful. From there I can take a fresh start and make better choices. I can embrace the totality of what life is bringing me.

If these words resonate with you, be sure that it means I can help you. Let’s connect!



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