Sarah Heeley

Sarah Heeley

Sarah Heeley

What possibilities are available beyond what you can imagine?

Hello Beautiful you! 

I'd like to share something super vulnerable with you. Something I haven't shared with anyone, yet. Maybe because I was scared or because I thought it was too personal. But now is the time! 

You may have heard me talk about these tools I use. Tools that have changed my life. So, what does using the Access Consciousness tools, and being facilitated out of limitation and stuckness look like? Well dang, I can tell you first hand because I use these tools when I'm stuck in my limitation and then I facilitate myself until the energy changes. Or if I can’t seem to unstick myself, I reach out for facilitation from someone else.

And THAT is what I do for others.

Let me walk you through what it looks like for me. Say I choose something, do something or say something and I for some reason go into judgment of myself about that thing. Usually this overwhelming sense of wrongness starts flooding in right away. It’s this deep inherent wrongness that goes way beyond the actual moment (people often call this being triggered). Then my head gets all fuzzy. It feels like all the energy is sucking back into my body. I’m contracting and making myself finite. I can’t see anything beyond it. The wrongness is blinding.  And while that is happening to my body, the dialog in my head goes something like this. Oh my god, I did something wrong. I’m a terrible person.  I don’t really care about others. You are so selfish.  You only care about you and your agendas. You are so pathetic. If people knew who you really are they would leave. What is wrong with you? 

These of course are all LIES. But in that moment, I believe them. So I spiral into to them and I truly believe that at the core of me I AM NO GOOD.  It’s a helpless place. It’s dark and I feel alone. Alone on an island of wrongness all by myself where no one can love me because they too would see how terrible I am. And the thing is, I’ve been here so many times throughout my life. It feels so familiar. And often as uncomfortable as all these sensations in my body are, it almost seems easier to give in and stay there. To just let it take hold and drag me down.  And for years, I let it.  Those voices that told me how wrong I was just for being me. Told me, that “I will never be successful,” that “I’m not like anyone else (in a bad way)” and the “no-one gets you,”  and that “you are not smart enough or pretty enough or just ENOUGH.” And that no matter what you do it’s not enough and it never will be. And it just snowballs from there....

Have you ever been to this place? Or something like it?

It’s not a fun place to be. It can feel helpless. Lonely. And unchangeable. 

And guess what? I no longer believe that! Because, now I KNOW I can change it. And I do. And what used to get me down for days, weeks, months or years can change within minutes or hours or a day. So if this is you.  In the past. Or right now reading it. Or know someone who is there, I want to tell you that there is hope. You can change it. And that there is NOTHING wrong with you. 
How do I know it can change? Because I’ve been there and I’ve changed it for myself and for others too. Because I LIVE these TOOLS. I use them Every. Single. Day. And now if the wrongness sneaks in and rears it’s ugly head, I know what it is. And that I can change it.

There is so much power in this statement. 

Because I am armed with an arsenal of tools that I know will blast that shit out of existence if I choose to use them.  And I sometimes still have those moments or days when I notice myself going to place of wrongness. And I have all those same hopeless feelings, and the despair that can happen when it feels like I have no control or no choice. 

And then I remember.....

So I facilitate myself. I ask questions. I use clearings. And the WRONGNESS that was just so present and felt so real….DISAPPEARS!!!

I’m blown away every time I am presented with a limitation and I CAN CHANGE IT!! IN THE MOMENT!

I know I’m yelling because PEOPLE, do you get how powerful that is? 

That is how POWERFUL YOU ARE! It’s not just for me! It’s for you too!! 


Are you ready to choose beyond limitation and wrongness?
What if you could choose it too?

Right now. 

Are you ready to come and play with me?


With gratitude,

Sarah Heeley

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“"Nothing you have chosen in the past was for any other purpose than awakening you to the reality and truth of yourself."”

- Gary Douglas from The How to Become Money Workbook